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  • Confused what branch to opt for in your Engineering Career?
  • Worried that you will pick the wrong stream?


Psychometric Assessment for Engineering Branch Selection is the best way to know your right Engineering Branch. Discover it today through Engineering Branch Suggestor Assessment. It provides you personalized preferential analysis of different engineering branches.

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Test Details

Number of Questions

There are 98 questions specifically designed to have a complete psychometric analysis.

Test Language

The medium in which the test is compiled is English

Test Duration

The duration of the test is 45 minutes, which will evaluate the candidate.


The reliability score for the test is 0.88

Test Section Details

Personality Inventory

Assesses the candidate's less desirable/ aversive personality traits at work.

Career Interest Profiler

Measures a person's interest level in 19 AICTE approved Engineering branches.

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